Trim, Ireland Church Gate Collection

churchgateDespite biting winds and pouring rain, the Annual Church Gate Collection in Trim, a beautiful town about 30 miles north west of Dublin, went ahead as planned. The collection was attended by our Founder, Catherine Wiley, who was visiting the area. She stopped and spoke with the many people attending the masses at St Patricks and other nearby parishes. The collection, which was organised by Martin Daly,  one of our leaders in the area, raised over €600 which will aid and support the growth of the CGA in that area. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who work so tirelessly to support the work and mission of the CGA across the world.

In Ireland, all such collections are organised with the permission of the local Garda (Police) and we thank Martin and his team for obtaining all the relevant permits and permissions and for producing some wonderful promotional materials which undoubtedly help to grow the collection.