Helping to pass on the faith and keep prayer at the heart of family life

Ladies looking at a bookJust a few things you might want to consider:

How often will you meet?

  • Weekly (if members can commit to it, this is great but, if it is not possible, that is okay too);
  • Every other week;
  • Once a month (we recommend you meet at least once a month).

Where will you gather?

  • The parish hall (everyone knows where it is);
  • One person's home (this can be a big commitment from someone, but the home creates a great environment of comfort and trust);
  • Rotating homes (again, homes are warm, loving places. This option also gives you the chance to see each other in your own space - a great way to build trust).

When will you gather?

  • Tuesdays (it is the day dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus);
  • After a Sunday or weekday Mass;
  • Over lunch or tea.

How long will you spend together?

  • We recommend 1-1½ hours (but feel free to go longer if you like).

What is each person looking for in belonging to the CGA?

  • Affirmation and support;
  • Comparing the experiences, successes and challenges of Grandparenting;
  • Prayer and reflection.