CGA Prayer Request

Please pray for all grandparents and grandchildren struggling to pass on their faith in families or situations that may be hostile to our faith. Give them hope and understanding to be Grandparents of integrity.

Once you have sent in your prayer request, please pray with us below, each prayer request will be notified when you have prayed for them.

There is a candle lighting for your intentions at The Shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Ireland and The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in England.

Please pray for my son to find his way back to you.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions


  • Please pray for my brother Andrew to find the right job soon. Please help him be strong and calm. Amen
  • Thomas (Engineer Age 30)
    ●Thanks giving ●For peace in the family ●For peace of mind ●For good health ● For the success of my intention ● Marriage settlement ● For getting own house ● For success of business & Financial stability ● for the success of foreign trip ● For settlement of relation ● For settlement of debts ● For getting good job in abroad ● Pending salary due and final settlement ●for the approval of my employment visa application ●Lord,help me as I desire a good an everlasting companion
  • Please lift in prayer our Parish Ministry Leader who is waiting for the results of diagnostic tests for an on-going issue. We pray for speedy diagnosis and quick recovery.
  • Please pray for the healing of Alan's schizophrenia illness, the torture of an excruciatingly agonizing and painful hell, like having a thousand painful psychic cuts renewed daily, while being imprisoned, suffered for the past 15.5 years now. Thank you.
  • Dear Lord Jesus we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Please pray for my mother whom is very sick at the moment and has issue with her stomach and has trouble eating. Please pray that may she get well soon. Amen
  • pls pray for my broken marriage ben & mel. my husband has mentally separated from me, he is planning to leave me. he is angry & he says i have controlled him for the last 17 yrs. He doesn’t want to reconcile & doesn't believe in the covenant marriage. he talks for a lady Sara constantly knowing he is committing a sin. Please pray for holy spirit to restore my husbands heart back to Jesus and to my fly. pls pray for reconciliation.
  • Please pray for me in my misery of my family and job against slander and demage
  • Please pray for me that my infections both will be cleared up and that I won’t have to take any antibiotics as they make my mood depressed. The infection is weighing on my health despite my age and I cannot get any work or movement.
    Thank you
  • Psalm 76:5 for all situations, persons, people, groups, covens, freemasons, plots, plans, ruses, schemes to try to interfere with my departure
  • Deliverance from Balance debts to be crushed (soonest) under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and angel of Blessings locate us today as God's messenger for help, and from this day onwards business sales increases as we know, Nothing is impossible with Our God. Amen
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    We lift up Sophia and her family to you today.
    Fill them with grace,health, mercy, love, peace, and courage - the blessings they need in this life and beyond.
    Let your Angels protect them from harm and guide their steps.
    May they find comfort, strength, and salvation in Jesus Christ. Amen
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