CGA Prayer Request

Please pray for all grandparents and grandchildren struggling to pass on their faith in families or situations that may be hostile to our faith. Give them hope and understanding to be Grandparents of integrity.

Once you have sent in your prayer request, please pray with us below, each prayer request will be notified when you have prayed for them.

There is a candle lighting for your intentions at The Shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Ireland and The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in England.

Please pray for my son to find his way back to you.

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  • My Dad is sick, please help him get better.
    My mum get enough common sense to not ask for things that are too difficult for people (physically, mentally, and medically) or unrealistic in general. She asked my dad to go shopping with her, despite his bad health. Not happy with that one.
    My dog who is very old fell down yesterday, he seems fine, but his joints are giving him trouble (he is 14).
    Me on the other hand needs a new wheelchair as the one I have is falling a part and that I need to loose weight quickly or I will be in hot water. Also my family need enough money to fix things, and get the correct people to fix things like electricity, cupboards, new fence, etc.
    And for these food recalls to stop, please. Thank you.
  • Please pray for dean his in palliative care.

    Please god gives me strength and wisdom

    And protection

    Pray god pours blessings on our prison work
    For the mens Rosary

    For conversion of my whole family
  • Please pray that Max, Brendaly would have their home restored In Reno/Sparks area according Isaiah 61:7, that we lost in 2013 and 2021.
    Hebrews 4:16 NKJV
    Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need!
  • Please pray for my daughter to be called for interview and job success by urgency Mariam Sabu. Amen
  • Thanksgiving for all blessings rec'd.
    Special personal intentions
    May baby HM grow up to be a normal, happy, healthy child & grow up in the Catholic faith & in the love & fear of God
    For return to the Catholic faith of MM & may she go to Mass on Sundays
    Grace of a holy & happy death
    Continual health in mind & body
    Continued divine providence, guidance & protection
    May the Triune God grant MM & DM a blessed, married, family life & grant the grace & strength to raise HM in the Catholic faith
    May the Triune God bless & prosper the works of the hands of MM & DM
    For increase in faith, hope & trust in the Triune God
    For our deceased relatives & friends & the poor souls in purgatory
  • Please pray that Raj has the energy, motivation and positive environment to be able to pray.
  • Please pray for the conversion of the Fa’aumu Family to the Faith.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Dear God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit! "Please help me support my family by providing me with the necessary financial stability and permanent income to pay for all the household bills and take care of my fatherless children. It has been tough for me lately as everything I try seems to go wrong. However, I trust and believe in you. I am grateful for your love and guidance. Please grant me the strength and resources to overcome these challenges, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • Please pray for my brother Andrew to find the right job soon. Please help him be strong and calm. Amen
  • Thomas (Engineer Age 30)
    ●Thanks giving ●For peace in the family ●For peace of mind ●For good health ● For the success of my intention ● Marriage settlement ● For getting own house ● For success of business & Financial stability ● for the success of foreign trip ● For settlement of relation ● For settlement of debts ● For getting good job in abroad ● Pending salary due and final settlement ●for the approval of my employment visa application ●Lord,help me as I desire a good an everlasting companion
  • Please lift in prayer our Parish Ministry Leader who is waiting for the results of diagnostic tests for an on-going issue. We pray for speedy diagnosis and quick recovery.
  • Please pray for the healing of Alan's schizophrenia illness, the torture of an excruciatingly agonizing and painful hell, like having a thousand painful psychic cuts renewed daily, while being imprisoned, suffered for the past 15.5 years now. Thank you.
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