Helping to pass on the faith and keep prayer at the heart of family life

CGA Prayer Request

Please pray for all grandparents and grandchildren struggling to pass on their faith in families or situations that may be hostile to our faith. Give them hope and understanding to be Grandparents of integrity.

Once you have sent in your prayer request, please pray with us below, each prayer request will be notified when you have prayed for them.

There is a candle lighting for your intentions at The Shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Ireland and The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in England.

Please pray for my son to find his way back to you.

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  • Suffering from 4th stage cancer metastases. Unbearable pain in bones.requesting for miracle healing. Amen
  • Please Pray for the house in Reno/Sparks, double for the trouble in marriage covenant Max and Brendaly Reno/Sparks that was stolen from us in 2021!
  • for the renewal of the consecration of the usa to the immaculate hearth and to the sacred hearth
  • Please can you pray for Mariia health, for my mother. That God healed her, thank you!!
  • Please pray for my beloved wife Lucy... in remission from stage 4 gastric cancer for 18 months... now we fear it may have returned. We need a miracle. Lord hear our prayer !
  • 1) Pray for me to come down my sugar level and BP level.
    2) To get good price for my site at Mulki
    3) To get proper road to my Ranipura site.
    4) To get good God fearing and Catholic boy to my daughter KIM.
  • Please may you pray for my father Viktor, he will have soon medical examinations after oncology, that all be good. And today he was having temperature,  that everything will be good and that God heals if he need healing. Thank you very much!!
  • For the complete healing of KB in the ER ICU and RS, MH, CG and TD from cancer.
    For my lukewarm family to return to mass and confession.
    For the conversion of my brother-in-law and his partner.
  • I live in Canada. I hope to go to church next Sunday as I missed it two weeks in a row for reasons, mostly to do with severe weather and poor health of someone I live with that would normally deal with the lots of snow on the ground. I hope most of it melts by Sunday. I have things to donate to the church, that I have. Also, my folks have debt and we get enough money for things needed. Also, I messed something up, that might cost my mom at lease one of her jobs. It is mostly my fault, but it is her fault too, as she talked me into it. Thanks.
  • ●Thanks giving ●For peace in the family ●For peace of mind ●For good health ● For the success of my intention ● Marriage settlement ● For success of business & Financial stability ● for the success of foreign trip ● For settlement of relation ● For settlement of debts ● For getting good job in abroad ● Pending salary due and final settlement ●for the approval of my employment visa application ●Lord,help me as I desire a good. an everlasting companion
  • My prayer requests are: To improve: - direct and indirect wealth (my most main concern) to improve and build up my savings, investments, always have continuous money flow and wealth as soon as possible, - better luck, good luck, secure, smooth sailing and success in all life areas including getting a new job with a higher position and higher salary, career development, regular salary increases, regular promotions as soon as possible, etc. - good health and long life - good relationships with everyone (such as colleagues, supervisors, bosses etc.) liking and supporting me, personal attractiveness and charisma, to get replies - clear obstacles - noble/beneficial people - get rid of and avoid bad luck and misfortune, bad people, gossip etc. - improve all life areas and prevent problems - help my family members fulfill their needs, wants and wishes too. Thank you.
  • Please pray for Maddie to make new positive friendships that will bring her closer to God. May God open the hearts of others to want to bring Maddie into their circle of friends. May God protect her from the current rejection and bullying that is occurring.
    Please pray for God to find a buyer for the sale of Nick & Erin Leigh's apartment according to his perfect will, so they can move into a larger apartment. May Cherie and Donny quickly sell their home as well.
    Please pray for Spencer’s mental illness & emotional health so he can learn and grow and make friends.
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