Lenten Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2019

Our Board Member, Jane Sweeney, returned from the Holy Land filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit and with
an awesome faith sharing idea from her new friend, a Grandmother of 23. Each morning during Lent, she sends
her grandchildren loving reminders and words of encouragement.

Good THUUUUUURRRRRSDAY Morning Grandkids!!! Time to get up and get your bed made!! Doesn’t it feel good to
have your bed made nicely all day. You know it does. That’s the nice little reward you get when you do something you
know you should do anyway. There is an even nicer “good feeling” when you say your prayers or do some little act of
mercy. Try that today. And see how many times you can be helpful or thoughtful, without even being asked!! Look for
good works to do today. Think about others first. Try to keep that helpful idea in your mind all day—no grumbling!!

Have a wonderful day, BESTO, PYR, hugs and kisses, Gma
(BESTO = beds made (smiling), say prayer, thank God, offering up entire Day)
Good FANTASTIC FISHY FRIDAY morning Grandkids!! I’m so old I remember when every Friday of the year was
meatless. You know you don’t have to eat fish today, you just can’t eat any meat. That is so that you will remember all
day that Christ died for our sins. And think about how much God loves us!! So every time you think about what you
are eating today, you say Thank you God for loving me so much. And then you can think of something special to do
and offer it to God. That is our O part of BESTO, offering everything we do today to God and trying to be the best we
can all day. So all day, we make choices about what we are doing— it just comes down to making the right choices.
When you pray your Rosary every day it will help you make good choices!!! I love you, BESTO, PYR, Gma

Good MONDAY MORNING Grandkids. I started to write this, but I couldn’t see the letters. I thought it might be a result
of the 3 day Wedding Extravaganza, but I just put my contacts in the wrong eye!! (early April fools). But to be serious,
we are in Holy Week, our last chance to have the Best Lent Ever. Maybe go back and reread some if my messages!! I
want you to try to be your best self, and offer it up every time you correct yourself to do or to not do something. For
some some of you it will be not hitting anyone, for some it will be not whining but doing whatever is asked in a
cheerful way, for some it will it will be thinking of others first, for some it will be not judging, for some it will be not
wasting time, for some it will be praying your Rosary, for all of you it will be thinking of being your BEST all day!! You
are loved, BESTO, PYR, Gma