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  • Good day my Spiritual Parents, please help me pray for Peace in Plateau State Nigeria. We need peace in our communities. Secondly pray to God to anoint me with His anointing and bless my calling as a Prophet in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. Am also an Immigration officer with the Nigeria Immigration Service. Thanks from Pirfa Kumbin
  • Please help me pray for my conversion and needs and for the conversion of Carlos Guzman and Esteban Ignacio Aguilar Vital and for God to help me find and secure a apt in south san diego ca. Also for news of Julio Cesar Guzman, God help me find him. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

    Also, help me pray for God to help me build a nice beautiful home in Rosarito baja California México and for the conversion and needs of my family the Guzman Vital family members. We pray in Jesus name. GOD increase my faith.
    Good is good.
    Ivan Guzman Vital
  • please pray for my wife lucy she was in remission but we fear the cancer has returned
  • IT is supposed to snow this weekend, a lot. Please do not let it snow that much. I am disabled and my folks I do not think will be able to shovel it. I don't want to miss church again. Thanks.
  • Dear kind friends,

    We need prayers and masses for the following intentions:

    1. Africa;
    2. Middle East;
    3. to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital;
    4. dysfunctional families;
    5. ancestors of Sagata, Kanno and Hashiguchi families;
    6. Brazilian public schools;
    7. Brazilian election;
    8. Brazilian slum;
    9. help me when I grow old, fall sick and when I die;
    10. working people rights;
    11. schizophrenic people;
    12. Brazilian public health system: SUS;
    13. Sanae (in the present and future): goodness, kindness, wisdom, strong faith, compassion, courage, honesty,QI250, cure gift, strong eyes, children literature writing skill, cure gift, independence, best family, Dom Wilson gift, religious vocation, Denmark;
    14. Daniel: lack of control, obsession, adiction, "blowing" and intrigue punishment.promise:teacher
    15. Elisabeth Fritzl and children;
    16. cats "Loirinha", machinho and "Coloridinha": health an protection;
    17. help me donate all my wealth to the Church;
    18. Yoshio and Erika: house;
  • I kneel and Pray for Israel , my family and myself Bless Israel and Pray for Shalom peace and joy to all in Israel. Amen

    Praise The Lord

    Wisdom , Deliverance from Balance debts to be crushed soonest under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously and an angel of Blessings locate us today as God's messenger to come and help us resolve it .

    May our marriage be joyful as it’s quite tense at present and we get to rejoice together with family.

    Lastly may our Restaurant Business prospers and sales increase daily
    as we know ....Nothing is impossible with Our God

    Thank you so much for Prayers in Advance may our God Bless you &
    your ministry .

    Please plead with our Jehovah Jireh, if we can find a lender with a private / Bank or Institution with low interest funds and we promptly pay back every month as the requirement is { not } big, however this is required to repay back our high interest loans which is really a burden at present.

    May our Prayers be answered according to His will t
  • I live in Canada. My family is very worried about money. And we have got two houses, in two different cities, (one in a small city, we are trying to rent) but it needs to be fixed. We have someone to look after the house, but one they are strange people and two they ask too much money. We need money for the other house, too, as it needs things too. My mum has a bad idea about my mum and I being in one city and my dad and the dog in the other. The problem is that there is only one vehicle, a very old van, and my dad will be the one with it, in the bigger city. My mum and I have physical issues, and we wouldn’t be able to get around, in the small city, as there is no city bus to get around, and taxis are way too expensive. I also hope to go to church on Sunday, as in I hope it doesn’t snow like crazy, like it did recently. I couldn’t go to church last Sunday, due to circumstances. I am disabled, and my folks are getting a bit old, to deal with the snow. Thanks.
  • Serious issues with the kidney. Operation cannot be performed. Humble prayer request, as it is a critical situation. Thanks and God bless you all.
  • O most holy heart of Jesus fountain of every blessing I adore You I love You and with lively sorrow for my sins I offer You this poor heart of mine. Make me humble patient pure and wholly obedient to Your will. Grant good Jesus that I may live in You and for You. Help and teach me Lord to be a good doctor,relieve me from financial burden and grant me a good spouse and family too.I trust in YouJesus
  • Please pray God gives me a home
    Pray god carries all my burdens
  • I come to you on behalf of my only Grandchild, Camille. D. She is going thru a very trying time, attempting to stay focused on her studies in College, and dealing with the separation of her Bestfriend, and loving Soulmate Justin R., who is miles and hours away, serving our Country in the US Navy. He is eventually going to deploy on a ship out of the Country, and perhaps in harms way. I ask you to keep him and his Ship and shipmates safe. Please grant a miracle that Justin will get "clearance" to take "time off" before he deploys, so Camille can get to see him and spend quality time together in March 2024, for a week, before he goes. He could be away for nearly a year. I know she is praying everyday, as I am for her, to get the "good news" from Justin, that he was granted the time, and she can fly out to San Diego. I also ask for you to strengthen and solidify their relationship, keep strong the loving bond that ties them together as a couple. Grant them the ability to have open and
  • My dad is getting his eyes tested, tomorrow and hope all goes well, as my family needs him to take us places. Also, I wasn't able to go to church on the 25th, due to circumstances. It also snowed a lot, in the past hours, here, where I live in Canada, and I hope most of it will be gone by the 29th, so I can do more things, including going to church on the 3rd. Thanks.
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