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  • That our children return to the faith, and that our grandchildren be Baptized, if it be God’s will, in God’s time.
  • Pray for the marriages and families of my children and grandchildren. The are in trouble and they need your prayers, please. Thank you.
  • Please bring Grace and I together for pursuit of marriage
  • I pray for complete healing from my surgery and that my biopsy results are not anything serious. I pray that I won’tbe anxious about my results and my health.
  • Prayers for my son that God guides him and my grandson and his family makes good decisions in their life
    My sisters health
  • Please join me in praying for the our grandchildren, the children of Ireland, with the present Government onslaught on the ethos of our Catholic schools in terms of both gender ideology and what they call ethical pornography. We ask the Lord to strengthen, guide and protect us under His Divine mantel and that of his Blessed Mother Mary.
  • Please pray for our granddaughter Olivia aged 10 years who fractured her hand in a fall.
  • Please pray for the conversion of my children and grandchildren to the Catholic faith. Also asking prayers for my grandson Jackson that he makes his first communion and reconciliation this year and that his parents returned to the church.
  • For the return of our children to the faith and the conversion of their spouses, and that our 13 year old grandson will stay close to God.
  • Please pray for my grandchildren Theo and Evangeline. Pray St. Michael protects them from anger, bitterness and the long-term effects of these in their home.
  • pls pray for my 16 years of marriage with Ben, he has mentally separated from me. He says i have controlled him for all these years. He is angry, hates me & says he has no feelings or love for me and hates my family . he has asked for divorce papers now. he doesn’t communicate with me & this has also effected our teenager kid. he has started talking with a girl Sara. pls pray for my marriage restoration & reconciliation with the help of the holy spirit. thank u for praying
  • Please pray for my grandson, Luca. He has a rare kidney disease. It is genetic. He is 17 months old. Children with the disease often to not live to adolescence --and if they do, they rarely live beyond. Thank you for your prayers.