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  • Pray Valentine's fly to settle in B'lore, Neha to be placed in Bank job govt job in B'lore, Nikki in the best Company of Engineering at B'lore with high package,bless Neha, Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich, healthy catholic life partners who have no parents, who will keep Vellu Judy with them now and always, bless Neha Nikita to settle in same house in B'lore, bless Vellu, Judy with good health good jobs in B'lore, heal Neha Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them completely from PCOS problem, heal Judy from cancer depression anxietyphobiapanic attacks phobia insomnia ligament tear of upper left arm and left foot, heal Vellu from liver problems,Arun from diabetes, deliver Arun Vellu from drinking alcohol,bless Judy to get full pension with arrears with out any obstaclespray us to get 3BHK house in Bangalore with minimum rent closer to the Church and parkpray that Valentine's fly get's legal share of the property from Roby, Bless Mathias families and Vellus fly with good hea
  • I and my family need money and a job. I need to stop medicine, I need brain healing, restoration, rejuvenation, replenishment, and revive quadruple and sevenfold. I confess my masturbation. It is really serious. I confess all my sins and bad karma. I confess all they hold against me. I confess all he holds against me. I confess all she, her, her, her, and his hold against me. I confess all have diety half devil hold against me. I confess I have said bad things, done bad things, think bad things or destructive things about them and about Thailand and the country. I confess all wrongdoings, wrong thoughts, and wrong speech I did against half diety half devil, him, her, her, her, her, her, her, him, him, her, her, her, and all of them. I have way too many nemeses, devils, and enemies. I need all of them to forgive me from the bottom of their heart. Please forgive my masturbation and all my sins and bad karma. Dear Lord, please forgive my sins and bad karma, wash my sins and bad karma, an

    Please Father God bless and Margaret Lawson with your intercession LOVE Grace Goodness Mercy Forgiveness and Protection, show us LORD how to LOVE and Respect. Father God grant us with your peace and understanding....FATHER GOD TOUCH....our hearts mind's body's and souls... Father God we need YOU right NOW. PLEASE HELP US !!! IN JESUS HOLY MIGHTY AND .LOVING NAME WE PRAY ASK AND RECEIVE AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!
  • Please pray
    the Company we work in Reno/Sparks
    will provide 1 more Older person to take care nice and kind, trustworthy,
    filled with Holy Spirit
    for Max and Brendaly
    in Reno/Sparks.

    Hebrews 4:16 NKJV
  • To stop medicine. To heal me from medicine quadruple hundredfold. To heal my brain quadruple hundredfold. For so much better life. For him and her, all of them, and my nemesis to totally, fully, really, truly, and authentically forgive me from the bottom of their heart and their mind. To restore my life and my couple quadruple hundredfold.
  • Dear prayer warriors

    Please keep our household in prayer. We are all unemployed. 3 adults who are responsible, detail orientated, well-presented and bilingual with skills and abilities to make a difference in the workplace. We desire to work to earn a salary. As we submit ourselves to God and lay at His feet please keep us in prayer for God's protection. We expecting a claim for loss of associated earnings which can help us cover our home bond expenses. We need a fair reimbursement. Please Jesus, be with us.
  • Please pray that Gary would be a Father to his biological son Caleb and provide all of his needs mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial in Texas!!!
  • Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe,
    mother of our Lord Jesus,
    I call upon you this day to be my special friend here on earth,
    today and all the days of my life.
    I ask you to be my special protectress
    and I place all my thoughts, words and deeds at your feet.
    I ask you to be my guide and guardian
    so I may please Jesus in all that I do and say.
  • Lord we are needy, desperate and deeply stressed as we lay at your feet...

    1. Employment
    2. For compensation due to a governmental disservice to be approved, for them to take ownership for our losses + to restored us please.
    3. For the delay in payment to arrive urgently as we DESPERATELY need to save our home, to buy food and pay our creditors.

    Please Lord protect us. Provide for us. Holy spirit we need your divine intervention than humanity cannot operate solely one. We beg of you Lord, hear us, answer us please.

    Thank you
  • I am having some disturbances from a dead lady preacher.  She died some 7 years back, but from 3.5 years back I started feeling her husband(catholic charismatic preacher) is doing magic through her.

    Many disturbing thoughts keep coming to go for their retreats, to give money, etc.  In fact, I feel most popular charismatic preachers have become scammers in India, (bangalore and south india) and the truth is not coming out at all.  I am struggling a lot. Please, set me free Fr..

    My thoughts  keep changing and good thoughts are vanishing even from 3.5 years. Because I was struggling so much, I asked 1 Brother to pray for me and he said, God is telling, she is "All lies from the very beginning".  It is difficult to get help, because these preachers are very famous and many miracles were happening.  I feel these days charismatic preachers are lying prophets, false prophets in india.  In fact, when I have prayed and opened the Bible to see what God says I get false prophets, lying pr
  • Please pray for my brother George. He has been out of work for over a year and is worried about finding a job. He is a programmer and the technology sector has been hit hard by the recession. He is also worried about finding work because of his age (he's 59). Please pray for him to find a job. Thank you.
  • Please Pray that Jesus would restore our physical house according Isaiah 61:7 in Reno/Sparks for Max and Brendaly in Reno/Sparks.
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