February Faith Cafe

We would like to thank everyone who attended our February Faith Cafe which was truly inspiring with Guest Speaker Keith Chappell. If you are subscribed to our newsletter the video will be available soon to watch.

Guest Speaker: Keith Chappell

Keith Chappell teaches religion and theology at the University of Leeds and the Maryvale Institute, both in the UK.  His primary interests are in the lived experience of religion and how faith responds to changes in society.  He also works as a mediator, seeking to resolve conflicts within families, communities and religious groups.  His books include The Role of a Christian Father, The Role of Christian Grandparents (both CTS) and Catholic Social Conscience (Gracewing).  Hi most recent book is The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the UK: Worldview and Endtimes (Routledge).  He is married with two children and lives in a multigenerational household in Yorks, England.


Grandparents as mediators – helping to heal relationships and prevent loss from families and the Church.

Keith Chappell Books