Catherine Wiley founder of the Catholic Grandparents Association and her husband Stewart, met recently to welcome the new Papal Nuncio in Ireland, Archbishop Luis Mariano Montemayor. 

Catherine Wiley with his Excellency Archbishop Montemayor

Catherine presented his Excellency with Pope Benedict XVI’s prayer for Grandparents – composed by Pope Benedict for the Association at their request in 2008 and which was, in fact, the instrument of Evangelization which elevated what began as a simple Pilgrimage honoring the Grandparents of Jesus, to the Catholic Grandparents Association (CGA) as a Private Institute of the Faithful into a global association with branches and Ministries in over 70 Countries. Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents has since been translated into 27 languages and braille.

Archbishop Montemayor was also presented with the CGA’s exclusive original medal of St Joachim and St Anne with their Grandson Jesus, created by the CGA to commemorate the establishment of the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly proclaimed by Pope Francis in 2020.

The CGA spent many years pioneering and campaigning for this World Day in recognition of the critical contribution Grandparents make to the Church, the family and society, to honor and thank Grandparents for all they have done for us down through the years, particularly in the transmission of the Faith, ensuring their everlasting legacy of faith and love.

Catherine Wiley with Monsignor Julien Kaboré

Catherine Wiley said “It was a joyful friendly trusting meeting. Archbishop Luis Mariano made us feel at home in his kindly, wise, smiling presence. He was very interested in what the Catholic Grandparents Association has achieved over the last 20years, particularly with the innovation of Grandparents Days in Schools, our National Pilgrimage to Knock and the subsequent growth of the CGA worldwide.”

Further, His Excellency kindly agreed to be the Chief Celebrant at the National Grandparents Pilgrimage at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock on July 28th, 2024, which coincides with the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly.

Catherine said, ” Meeting with Archbishop Montemayor presented a wonderful opportunity to introduce him to the work and mission of the Catholic Grandparents Association and express our hope to establish a Grandparents Ministry in every Diocese and Parish in the Country, so that Grandparents and the Church can help and support each other practically and spiritually.”

The grace filled memorable meeting ended with a blessing by his Excellency on Catherine’s husband, Stewart and her 19 year old Grandson, George. “Archbishop Montemayor made us feel like family. I pray that he will find in us a loving, trusting, loyal family as he begins his mission in Ireland”.