A wonderful example of how to nurture Grandchildren

Kindly Given to us from member Carol Yeager:

A walk with GrandchildrenDear Grandparents,

I have found that a good way to share our faith is a walk in a cemetery. If grandparents can’t walk you can drive and park… and teach your children and grandchildren elements of the Catholic faith. Recently we went to a cemetery and there was a marker for the unborn. We talked about heaven..souls….it made an impression.. they looked for it the next time. Not only do you find so many displays of our faith there, and with it teaching opportunities..but also the kids learn respect for our dead and proper decorum.
I just thought I would share this experience.

God bless you all.

We also have a lot of statues and the stations in the cemetery where we have gone. It is amazing how many symbols in a cemetery are great to bring up tenets of the faith…and you have a memory to share.
Thank you.

Thank you Carol Yeager so very much this is an absolute beautiful story and a wonderful example of how to nurture our grandchildren faith.

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Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents
Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents

The Grandparents prayer cannot be reproduced without permission from the Catholic Grandparents Association​