World Drawing God Day – A great project for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Tomorrow, 3 November is ‘World Drawing God Day’.
The person behind this initiative is Karen Kiefer and she explains the background to it here:

“God is always working. Last year, during at trip to the grocery store, I overheard two young kids talking as a parent was shopping nearby. One said to the other, “My mother said you shouldn’t talk about God in school because it makes people feel uncomfortable.” I couldn’t believe my ears. So, I began to pray and ask God how we might get more people talking about God. A few weeks later, I began to draft the story, “Drawing God.” My hope is through encountering Emma and her contagious faith, this story will inspire more people to think and talk about how and where they see God. Please know that I am with you on your drawing God journey.”

You are invited to respond to the question: How or where do you see God? Join friends in faith from around the world, Wednesday, 3 November for the third annual World Drawing GOD Day (parishes can also celebrate on Sunday 7 November). Create your “masterpiece” and share your faith imagination with others using the hashtag: #drawinggod or email a picture of your work of art:
We think this would be a great project for Grandparents and grandchildren to complete together. Why not have a go this year?
For more on the initiative see