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CGA Prayer Request

Please pray for all grandparents and grandchildren struggling to pass on their faith in families or situations that may be hostile to our faith. Give them hope and understanding to be Grandparents of integrity.

Once you have sent in your prayer request, please pray with us below, each prayer request will be notified when you have prayed for them.

There is a candle lighting for your intentions at The Shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Ireland and The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in England.

Please pray for my son to find his way back to you.

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  • Please pray for my grandson, Luca. He has a rare kidney disease. It is genetic. He is 17 months old. Children with the disease often to not live to adolescence --and if they do, they rarely live beyond. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for my son, 36 years old, lives with us at home to come to know the Lord and to return to church and the sacraments.
  • Please pray for the conversion of my adult children they have all left the church and my daughter says she no longer believes in God at all. I have four grandchildren two have been baptized but the other two have not. Please also pray for me it’s been really tough. Thank you 🙏
  • Please pray that my children will return to faith and have their children baptized. I also ask prayers for harmonious coparenting and emotionally stable grandchildren who see their parents argue.
    May I be an example of faith to all.
  • for myself to be a good example of Jesus disciples
    for my children and grandchildren to practice the faith
    for my unbaptized grandchildren to receive the gift of grace
  • Please pray for my grandchildren who are not baptized. My son left the church and is hopping around looking for a church “home”. I pray he will finally come back to his real home!!
  • For my children and grandchildren.
  • My 2 granddaughters are unbaptised, their parents have fallen away from the church. Please pray for the reversion of the parents and the baptism of my granddaughters ages 4 and 1. Thank you
  • Please pray for my husband who is suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues and under investigation for pancreatic cancer. He is a devoted daily Mass goer and much loved grandad of 28 grandchildren.
  • That 3 year old Maggie develops a love for Jesus and Mary and faith that stays with her despite her parent’s divorce, arguing and not attending Mass or religious activities. That she be given the gift of the sacraments.
  • Please pray for my 22 year old Great Grandaughter Adina, for her safe return to health -after her difficult -worrying medical procedure . Thank God she is on the road to recovery ☘️🙏
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