Passing on the Faith Podcast

The Passing on the Faith Podcast is an initiative of the Catholic Grandparents Association as part of marking the World Day of Prayer for Grandparents and the Elderly, which will be celebrated for the first time on Sunday 25 July 2021.

We are inviting parishes to engage with their youth groups, schools and with families to capture in digital format some of the stories of the grandparents and the elderly living in their parishes.

By recording these stories in audio or video format, parishes, schools and families can create a living sound and vision archive of the grandparents in their parish.

There are so many wonderful life stories that our grandparents and elders can share with us. How amazing would it be to start to capture these in sound and vision?

The Questions: 

We are suggesting two simple questions to ask your interviewee but feel free to ask your own questions too.

  • Q1. What one story about your faith would you like to share with your grandchildren and with future generations?
  • Q2. What was the most significant thing to happen to you during your lifetime?

The Technical Bit: 

  1. All you need is a mobile phone or other recording device/camera.
  2. Find your subject!
  3. Remember to explain why you are recording them and make sure that you have their permission to share the material afterwards
  4. Choose video or audio format and begin.
  5. Video can be edited within YouTube or using iMovie.
  6. Audio can be edited on your phone or on a programme called Audacity

This would be an ideal project for young people undertaking the Pope John Paul II Award in parishes and dioceses. Young people can begin with their own grandparents and take it from there. It is also an ideal project for Primary School children.

To broaden out the faith and life stories, check the local newspaper for significant birthday celebrations and see if you can get in touch with the person to interview them.

We would love parishes, schools and families to share some of the faith and life stories with us so as we can air them on our website and social media pages. To send us video use We Transfer. Audio files can be sent the same way or by email if they are under 5MB.

So, get recording and lets hear what grandparents and elders have to tell us about faith, life, love and more!