New Podcast from the Catholic Grandparents Association goes live!

We are delighted to bring you the brand new Podcast from the Catholic Grandparents Association which we have called Grandparents’ Faith Café.

The first episode of the Grandparents’ Faith Café podcast hears from Catherine Wiley, Founder of the Catholic Grandparents’ Association – about what inspired her to begin this global organisation and what she’s looking forward to in the year ahead. The episode also features Mike and Nikki Mahn from Kirkwood, Missouri, talking about their Grandparents’ Ministry and how it has gone from baby steps to a thriving ministry. We also hear from Bishop Paul Dempsey about Grandparents and Synodality and what should be the main focus of the synodal journey for all of us.

Remember the Grandparents’ Faith Café meets via Zoom on the second Tuesday of every month.

Click here for Episode One which is available on Spotify and will shortly be available across all major podcasting platforms such as Apple and Google. If you have any queries about the podcast please email