The CGA has been invited and will attend the Rendez-Vous Familles pilgrimage in Lourdes at the end of the month (Oct 29-30).  The pilgrimage is a celebration of the generations and is being led by Bishop Perrier, Bishop of Lourdes.  He is also the chair of the European Shrine Directors, who held their annual conference in Walsingham last month, which was addressed by Catherine Wiley, founder of the CGA. 

Catherine Wiley invited Shrine Directors to host Grandparents Pilgrimages at each of their Shrines and assured them of the full support of the CGA.  All those present agreed and preparations are underway for these to take place next year.

“We are all in this together and so we encourage you to have a Grandparents Pilgrimage at your Shrine; to place Our Holy Father’s Universal Prayer for Grandparents in a prominent position in your shrine so that Grandparents everywhere will know that they are loved and valued by our Holy Mother Church,” Catherine told the assembled Directors.  “We will give you every possible assistance and help and we are sure that the Shrine Directors here present who have already organised Grandparents Pilgrimages in England, Ireland and Slovenia, will attest to the great graces and blessings that have been received as a result.”