Prayers by our Members

These Little Creatures

You hear the children laughing,
Listen to the stories told,
You love them on the good day,
And even when they’re bold.

You make extra allowances,
With much more patience now,
You’ve time to listen and explain,
The wherefore and the how.

What keeps the plane up in the sky,
And why do ships not sink,
Or why do fish not drown in water?
Many questions, no time to think.

Then the day when you ask yourself
Has life really passed you by?
You don’t feel like doing anything,
But for them you have to try.

Who are these little creatures then,
That keep you on your toes?
They’re our precious little Grandchildren,
We love them so much, God Knows.

Prayer written by Betty Murphy,
Catholic Grandparents Association, Carlow