Bishop Gilbert Garcera now Vice Chairman of the Commission of the Family and Life in The Philippines

Tomorrow, we will be opening another Catholic Grandparents Association in one of the diocese in the Region.
For our Catholic Grandparents in Daet, we had already several formation and seminar reflection sessions. The group is becoming big and recruitment is  so rapid.   Dra Merle  Ramores is so active in leading the group.   Actually, we have already formed a Catholic Grandparents choral group featuring songs dedicated to filipino grandparents.
Next year, by October 4 – 11, all the members of the Catholic Grandparents will going to the Holy Land for a pilgrimage. One of the sites we will be visiting is the house of Joachim and Anne in Nazareth. Also, the tomb of the grandparents of Jesus which is located in the garden of Mt Olives.
We are so excited in sharing the faith and the spirit of Catholic Grandparents. Souvenir book is being prepared for distribution. Cover of our diocesan newspaper is about the Catholic Grandparents.
I wish to inform you that I am now the Vice Chairman of the Commission of the Family and Life. I will definitely endorse the plan to recognize July 26 as the Catholic Grandparents day in the Philippines.