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  • Beautiful Laminated Bible Marker with Grandparents Prayer by Pope Benedict XVI for the CGA
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  • Apostolic Blessing, beautiful membership certificate with Apostolic Blessing for CGA Members
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  • The joy of knowing that you are helping Grandparents Pass on The Faith and Keep Prayer at the Heart of Family Life.

NEWMembersCertificate-300x212IMG_2354IMG_2356-300x300Membership in the Catholic Grandparents Association means joining a community of like-minded grandparents dedicated to passing on the Faith. As a member, you will have access to additional resources to help you realize your unique and exceptional vocation as loving teachers and mentors to your Grandchildren.It is your unique vocation as a grandparent to pass your Catholic faith down to your grandchildren, safeguarding it for generations to come. Join the Catholic Grandparents Association and become part of this great apostolate.

Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents
Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents

The Grandparents prayer cannot be reproduced without permission from the Catholic Grandparents Association​