“I invite grandparents and parents everywhere to become members of the Catholic Grandparents Association and to support each other in this initiative. I commend this Association to you, having witnessed at first-hand the devotion displayed by all who attended the pilgrimages in Knock. There has never been as important time in our history as now to strengthen family ties. Those ties are essential for the emotional and spiritual well-being of today’s children and will be a source of joy for all, if built upon and nourished.”

Archbishop Michael Neary
Patron of the CGA in Ireland



Bishop Peter Doyle
Patron of the CGA in England and Wales
Bishop of Northhampton and The Bishops Conference Representative for Marriage and Family Life.

Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents
Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents

The Grandparents prayer cannot be reproduced without permission from the Catholic Grandparents Association​